Friday, May 29, 2009

Congratulation Man Utd

"The 0-2 loss to Barcelona was the 66th result of a season in which the Reds have won four trophies - Barclays Premier League, Club World Cup, Carling Cup and Community Shield - and almost won three others - the Super Cup (lost to Zenit in the final), FA Cup (lost to Everton in semi,used young player) and Champions League"

Its still a fantastic season.Why they called Man Utd loser???Hello!!!sape yg loser skng?liverpool xmng cup lgsg.Chelsea pn xde.juz hrp mng FA Cup lwn Everton.tue pn kalo mng r

Man Utd still d best team.Next season,akan mng lg EPL.1st team yg mng 4kali bturut2 hahaha...
Liverpool,Chelsea the BIGGEST LOSER!!!!Forever LOSER!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nice experience

Hu...hari ni ak ngn lynette ke sek jenis kbgsaan tamil ladang ......(ak xigt) kt kapar.agak jauh dr bndar klang.ikut school health team.kt sane ade bg vaccine,wt simple medical checkup.Wah!!!ak rs bruntg sgt.dpt bg vaccine even though juz OPV,jd r huhu...tlg staff nurse pgg bdak standard 1 yg takut kne inject.then ade gk wt examination.juz access signs of anaemia,undescended testes (for male only),personal hygiene(dental,lice) heart and breath dpt r rs undescended testes,hydrocele.then doc mntak ak wt visual test.agak susah nk wt coz bdak2 xphm bm.xkn ak nk ckp bi.lg r xphm.if ckp tamil,ak lak xreti.

staff nurse pn pening.cmne r dak2 thn 6 nk upsr pdahal bm pn xphm.cmne nk wt essay........pkir sdri r.pape pn,hr nie mmg dpt experience yg best sgt wlpun jauh nk gi skol :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Primary Care Medicine

hr ni 1st day posting PCM.actually 2nd day kt Bukit Kuda Community Clinic (BKCC).hr ni ak start variety posting.wah!!!busy giler.xmng tgn ak tolong doctor.tolg tulis kt slip prescription ubat.dh r 2 je bilik pemeriksaan bukak then tiba2 lak ade patient dtg with chief complaint of flu symptom.juz came back from holland.hah???suspected Influenza A H1N1???trus jd lg kelam kabut.1 doctor gi clerk patient tu then refer ke sg. buloh.

in the same time,semua patients laen yg ptt nyer doctor tu clerk,transfer ke bilik ak lepak.lg btimbun keje nsib baik ngn kecekapan ak,semua keje dpt di settlekan.staff nurse pn byk tolg.dorg relax je.dtg juz bwk slip prescription,ak yg tulis haha...

dh xde idea nk agkat diri sdri.dh blk dr BKCC.ngantuk.ade lecture lg ptg ni.zzzzZZZZ....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

18 Reasons Why We're Champion.Glory Glory Man Utd

The reinvention of Ryan
When he finally hangs up his boots, Ryan Giggs will be remembered as one of the best left wingers to ever play the game. But this term he’s been inspirational in the centre of midfield, where his cool head and ability to pick the perfect pass has done untold damage to opposition defences. His form wasn’t lost on his fellow professionals, either: in May he was voted the PFA Players’ Player of the Year.

That boy Macheda
Every 17-year old dreams of scoring an injury-time winner on his debut in front of the Stretford End, but Federico Macheda actually did it. With time slipping away against Aston Villa, the Italian took one exquisite touch before curling an unstoppable shot past Brad Friedel and into the far corner. Cue pandemonium in the stands as the teenager became an instant hero. And as if that wasn’t enough, six days later he came off the bench again to score the winner at Sunderland. Magnifico!

He comes from Serbia
Hotly tipped to win United’s Player of the Season award, Nemanja Vidic has been outstanding this term. He was the only constant feature of the Reds’ back four during the record-breaking clean-sheet run and also chipped in with valuable goals at the other end (remember Sunderland at home in the last minute?). Of course, he’ll want to forget Liverpool’s opening goal at Old Trafford, but that mistake merely proved he’s human after all...

Keeping it clean
You don’t win football matches if the opposition score more goals, so the best platform you can give yourself is to keep a clean sheet. The Reds did just that in 14 consecutive league games between 8 November and 18 February, setting a new English record in the process. In fact, by the time Blackburn’s Roque Santa Cruz poked the ball past Tomasz Kuszczak at OT, the Reds had gone 1334 minutes without conceding a league goal. The word “watertight” springs to mind.

Home rule
When Liverpool stop to take stock of where it all went wrong they’ll inevitably point to the number of points dropped at Anfield (12 already this season). But while Rafa’s men were drawing at home to the likes of Stoke City and Fulham, United’s only Old Trafford wobbles came against Newcastle (1-1) and Liverpool (1-4).

A day to forget
Most Reds would prefer to erase this fixture from their minds but there’s no denying the role it played in United’s title charge. Losing 4-1 at home to your biggest rivals is never enjoyable, but at least it brought everyone back down to earth at a time when some fans and members of the press were starting to think an 18th title was a mere formality. A timely reminder that you can’t take anything for granted in football.

Sharing it around
All successful teams contain at least one forward who bangs in goals for fun. For the Reds, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney have hit the back of the net more than most, but they’re just two of 15 United players to get on the score sheet in league games this season. It’s a terrifying thought if you’re an opposition defender... and the perfect riposte to those critics at the beginning of the season who claimed the Reds relied too heavily on Ronaldo’s goals.

That winning feeling
Far from disrupt the Reds’ momentum, act as a distraction or tire players out, the trip to Japan in December for the FIFA Club World Cup simply energised United and made the players hungrier for more success. The returning world champions won 19 of the next 20 fixtures after touching down back in England, beginning with a gritty 1-0 win over Stoke City on Boxing Day.

The fab four
On more than one occasion this season Sir Alex has admitted to "selection headaches” when it comes to his forward line. Managers around the country often spend Friday afternoons sweating over the fitness or form of their star striker, but Sir Alex has the “luxury” of deciding who to leave out. Carlos Tevez offers industry and energy, Dimitar Berbatov sublime control and the ability to bring others into the game. Wayne Rooney feeds others as well as he finds the net himself, while Cristiano Ronaldo has proved he’s just as effective up front as he is on the wing. Of course, sometimes not even Sir Alex can choose and plays all four at once! Well, can you blame him?

Ronny’s rockets
Let’s be honest: Ronaldo was never going to eclipse last season’s incredible tally of 31 league goals. But 18 so far isn’t too shabby, is it? In fact, it’s better than anyone else in the Barclays Premier League! We’ve seen some scorchers, too. Remember his two free-kicks against Stoke? How about the one against Blackburn from wide on the left? And don’t forget the headed third (or the shirt-off celebration) against Spurs to complete an incredible turnaround at Old Trafford in April. And to think some outsiders still question his status as one of the world’s best...

Size does matter
How must Sunderland’s players have felt in April when they saw (among others) Ronaldo, Tevez, Evra and Giggs sitting on the bench? The array of talent at Sir Alex’s disposal is frightening, but it’s also absolutely vital in a season that will see the Reds play an energy-sapping 66 competitive matches. That’s 26 more than some other top-flight clubs (and, it’s worth mentioning, 11 more than Liverpool)! Of course, it means not everyone can play all the time... and helps explain why United have used 31 different players in the league this term.

Young stars
Okay, so we’ve already shown Alan Hansen and the rest of the football world that you can actually win things with kids, but that’s no reason to gloss over the contribution from United’s youngsters this term. Jonny Evans and Rafael da Silva, in particular, regularly slotted into the Reds’ back four and, more often than not, looked like seasoned pros. Both were nominated for the PFA Young Player of the Year award. Federico Macheda and Danny Welbeck both scored screamers on their league debuts, while Richard Eckersley, Rodrigo Possebon, Darron Gibson and Zoran Tosic were all given a taste of football on the big stage.

Leaving it late
It wouldn’t be United without late drama, would it? Late winners are woven into the fabric of the club and the 2008/09 season has been no different. The Reds have scored more league goals after the 75th minute than in any other 15-minute period, with five arriving in the 90th minute or later. Three of those – Berbatov v Bolton, Vidic v Sunderland, Macheda v Villa – turned draws into wins (or, put another way, earned United six additional points).

The 12th man
The Reds’ travelling support is widely regarded as the best in the country and even Wayne Rooney admits he wishes he could sample the experience (“It looks mad!”). But at Old Trafford this season, too, United supporters often raised the roof to roar the Reds to victory. Against Villa and Tottenham in April the crowd became a 12th man, just as they had when every Chelsea touch in January was met with intimidating jeers and whistles. But perhaps the best testimonial for United’s unwavering support came at half-time when the Reds were trailing to Spurs: “We came off at half-time 2-0 down,” Patrice Evra recalls, “and we were clapped off the pitch. That’s unbelievable.”

Comeback kings
How many times have you heard commentators claim: “United never know when they’re beaten”? It’s true, though. When the going gets tough, the Reds invariably pull something out of the hat. In the league this season, United have gone behind on six occasions. In half of those games, the Reds went on to claim all three points (never more dramatically than coming from 2-0 down to thump Spurs 5-2). It was only in games away to Arsenal and Fulham that the Reds failed to secure at least a draw after conceding first.

Unsung heroes
You don’t have to be make headlines to make an impact. Ronaldo and Rooney may dominate the back pages but the Reds wouldn’t have lifted the trophy without contributions from the likes of John O’Shea, Darren Fletcher and Ji-sung Park. O’Shea, especially, proved his worth this season with a string of top-class performances. Whether asked to play right back, left back or even at centre-half, the Irishman got on with the job and consistently produced the goods.

The old heads
When the heat is on, it helps if you’ve got people on your side who have been there before. In Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville, the Reds have three men who boast 28 league-winners’ medals. And while they don’t play week-in, week-out anymore, Gary (Stoke), Ryan (Chelsea) and Paul (Fulham) all put in man-of-the-match performances this term on the way to the Reds’ latest title triumph.

The Boss
You’d think you’d get bored of the same job after 22 years, wouldn’t you? Not Sir Alex. In charge at Old Trafford since 1986, the boss is as hungry as ever for success. His tactical nous hasn’t diminished either. In January, Sir Alex surprised everyone by playing Ryan Giggs and Darren Fletcher in the centre of midfield against Chelsea. It turned out to be a masterstroke, as was the way he blooded young talent, rotated his central midfielders and managed his substitutions throughout the season.

16 May

Berburu ke padang datar
Dapat rusa belang kaki
Berguru kepala ajar
Ibarat bunga kembang tak jadi

Dialah pemberi paling setia
Tiap akar ilmu miliknya
Pelita dan lampu segala
Untuk manusia sebelum jadi dewasa.

Dialah ibu dialah bapa juga sahabat
Alur kesetiaan mengalirkan nasihat
Pemimpin yang ditauliahkan segala umat
Seribu tahun katanya menjadi hikmat.

Jika hari ini seorang Perdana Menteri berkuasa
Jika hari ini seorang Raja menaiki takhta
Jika hari ini seorang Presiden sebuah negara
Jika hari ini seorang ulama yang mulia
Jika hari ini seorang peguam menang bicara
Jika hari ini seorang penulis terkemuka
Jika hari ini siapa sahaja menjadi dewasa;
Sejarahnya dimulakan oleh seorang guru biasa
Dengan lembut sabarnya mengajar tulis-baca.

Di mana-mana dia berdiri di muka muridnya
Di sebuah sekolah mewah di Ibu Kota
Di bangunan tua sekolah Hulu Terengganu
Dia adalah guru mewakili seribu buku;
Semakin terpencil duduknya di ceruk desa
Semakin bererti tugasnya kepada negara.
Jadilah apa pun pada akhir kehidupanmu, guruku
Budi yang diapungkan di dulangi ilmu
Panggilan keramat “cikgu” kekal terpahat
Menjadi kenangan ke akhir hayat.


hr ni hr guru
trigt ckgu kt skol dl espcially Cikgu Aznora
cikgu sejarah w/pun xde ajar ak pn
juz jd guru pmbimbing team kuiz sejarah
eventho xdpt msuk final national level,klh 2points ngn johor
ak puas ht.lg2 jd pserta tbaik prkat ngeri s'ngor
cikgu ni jg yg mule2 dgr prob ak ms kt skol dl.prob pe??
prob ht dan prasaan
xyah tau haha...


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pleural Effusion

Pleural effusion is excess fluid that accumulates in the pleural space, the fluid-filled space that surrounds the lungs. Excessive amounts of such fluid can impair breathing by limiting the expansion of the lungs during inhalation.

The most common causes of transudative pleural effusions in the United States are left ventricular failure, pulmonary embolism, and cirrhosis (causing hepatic hydrothorax), while the most common causes of exudative pleural effusions are bacterial pneumonia, cancer (with lung cancer, breast cancer, and lymphoma causing approximately 75% of all malignant pleural effusions), viral infection, and pulmonary embolism

p/s: case ak kne ms short case exam pg td

End Of Posting

i have short case exam dis morning.prepared or not???hopefuly well prepared especially mental preparation...ntah pe r system ak kne wt PE pg ni.dh cover smua mlm td tp still cuak.ntah pe soklan kne tnya nt,patient cooperate ke x.byk sgt yg bmain di fikiran ak yg kian buntu (skema gile ayat aku)

abis exam nt bleh r ak kuar ronggeng haha...relax utk sehari pn jd r.then kne smbung wt CFCS report+elective proposal+prepared utk new posting next week,PCM dan O&G.byk nyer kje kne wt after exam.baik xyah amik exam hehe...

last night,my sister call me!!!tba2 je call.tau2 je ak rindu die :p pape pn gud luck exam anum!!!wt elok2.nt bleh blk malaysia bleh blanja along haha...