Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sorotan 2009

Less than 10 minutes, we’ll welcome year 2010.I’m sure tonight ‘lautan manusia’ will gather at KLCC, Dtrn Merdeka etc. For me, better stay at my room (^_^)

So, pe cer nk tulih rini? Since dh lme x merapu kt blog ni. Nk wt sorotan 2009 utk diri ak. Korg nk bc, bc r.xnk bc pn ikut suke kt korg r.ADE AKU KESAH???

Let’s divide my story into 4 timeline (3 months each)

1st :

What happen hah?? Actually can’t remember it. But for sure, I’m in Klang, doing my surgical posting (heaven posting: less class--->vacation--->remedial). In January, as usual, we had family day. This year at Sungkai. It was really2 fun. New experience wf water rafting. Next my besday on 9th of Feb. Thnx for the present, a blue towel from my sis and also a nice, red ……… After finish the posting, before CRP start, we went to Dabong, Kelantan. As pom2 said “bdak2 lelaki medik UM yg sggup hdpi cbrn”. Gunung Stong blkg umh wadi, abis dijajah ha2… After hiking, miss the CRP briefing, name blacklist, I went to Bera to complete the CRP posting.OMG!! I’m the station manager. Luckily, Bera won the best thematic presentation. My car also got ‘hadiah’ from wadi. After CRP end, start with 2nd medicine posting.

2nd :

Still in medicine posting wf Dr. Habibah and Dr. KT Chua. Nothing interesting happen I think. After finish the short case, start wf PCM posting.Oo…I forgot to say. My sis in India came back home for vacation. Home sweet home!!!

3rd :

Already in July. At the end of the month, I had my 3rd MBBS Professional Exam. As u all know, I failed that exam, have to do supplementary class. But that not the event I want to highlight here. After finish all posting in HTAR, before went back to UM, my family and I went to Genting. My sis beriya nk blnja hu…After finish exam,went again to Genting but this time wf my fellow friends. Mid of August, started the supplementary class and also Ramadhan. So, around mid of Sept, we celebrate Hari Raya at K.Kangsar. This yr Anum and E are not around. Both study oversea, in India and Jordan respectively. This yr, there is a funny, weird, havoc thing happened. The guests from Iraq came to my Tok Ajah’s house. Can u all imagine?? They not fluently speak English. And my family, asked me to be a translator. (Ha2….SPM dl Arab Tggi pn dpt B3. Dh r xprctice, cmne nk igt)

4th :

After Raya, 3 more weeks of clinical posting, I had my supplementary exam. Eventho I thought, I already did the best, better than the final exam, I failed again and had to repeat Klang posting. Sriously, I can’t accept it. What wrong???Went back home on the same day I knew my result, frustrated…Fortunately, thnx to all my frend who called me to give me strength, spirit. And a great thanx to both my parents. Both of them, keeps give me motivation even came and fetch me after know my emotion, mental not stable.

Ayah said:”Kuatkn smgt. Ayah ngn mak xkcewa pn.Siang mlm ayah doa. Ayah tau along dh cuba. If JPA x bg scholar, mak ngn ayah akn byr yuran smua”.

Mama said: “Sbr ye along. Ma syg along.jgn ngis dh”.

After I check back my marks eventho that Makcik Maizon ckp ikut sdp (nk je ak trajang mulut die) went to see Prof Asma, ask from her a mistake I did during exam, she really a nice doctor. She told me don’t ever give up bcoz this is not the end of your medical student life. She also wish me luck and pray for me to pass all the exam later. Thanx Prof!!! So, a week later, started again life in Klang. Actually for the 4th yr in Klang hu…Start with medicine posting and followed by surgical. Currently, 2nd week of surgical posting. And tomorrow, holiday!!!!






Friday, December 18, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Mary's father has 5 childrens:


the 5th child???

Saturday, December 12, 2009

'Bored' then Happy

hm...rini 12.12.09.igtkn hr yg sgt bosan.mmg mule2 nyer bosan pn sbb rini bsday ipah gagaga~~~


dh ckup 12thn dh.jgn nkl2.ipah ni adik ak yg bongsu tp yg plik nyer,die r yg plg bsr.sory...
memandangkn next wk nk end of posting exam,so pg2 lg kaki ku mlgkah pnuh 'bgaya' ke ward tgkt biase,sbg student yg ramah,makcik guard dpn pintu akn wish 'slmt pg doktor'.
ak pn m'bls nyer r.mmg makcik ni stiap pg ak tegur :)

kt ward,tgk case nk wt PE.juz p'hti bdak2 wt.ajar2 yg mn ak tau huhu...

blk ward,ak kuar b'jln2.yeay!!!sgt2 hepi.1st g borong choc yg ade sale murah tahap cipan.xde borong pn.bli satu je he...thn ke s.alam.mnkmati keindahn alam ciptaan Allah.t'igt lak sajak anum ms tadika dl

Suasana di tmn pd waktu pg.sgguh tenang dan nyaman.dr jauh kdengaran.....
(sajak ni r die nyer modal ms kcik2.asyik d'sruh wt p'smbhn free ms blk kuale ha2..)

errrr.....dh xigt r anum.tolg sambungkn ek ha2...
stlh pnt memerah kringat,trus g tgk wayang.adui!!!pe r nk jd ngn ak ni.exam next wk.bleh g enjoy2....nway,ade ak kesah.suke ati ak r

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Manakah pilihan anda???

undian piala dunia 2010 dh wt
Group G is d "group of death"
anda plih r pasukan anda
ak ttp optimis brazil bleh lps ngn sng group stage
knockout stage blom tntu