Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sorotan 2009

Less than 10 minutes, we’ll welcome year 2010.I’m sure tonight ‘lautan manusia’ will gather at KLCC, Dtrn Merdeka etc. For me, better stay at my room (^_^)

So, pe cer nk tulih rini? Since dh lme x merapu kt blog ni. Nk wt sorotan 2009 utk diri ak. Korg nk bc, bc r.xnk bc pn ikut suke kt korg r.ADE AKU KESAH???

Let’s divide my story into 4 timeline (3 months each)

1st :

What happen hah?? Actually can’t remember it. But for sure, I’m in Klang, doing my surgical posting (heaven posting: less class--->vacation--->remedial). In January, as usual, we had family day. This year at Sungkai. It was really2 fun. New experience wf water rafting. Next my besday on 9th of Feb. Thnx for the present, a blue towel from my sis and also a nice, red ……… After finish the posting, before CRP start, we went to Dabong, Kelantan. As pom2 said “bdak2 lelaki medik UM yg sggup hdpi cbrn”. Gunung Stong blkg umh wadi, abis dijajah ha2… After hiking, miss the CRP briefing, name blacklist, I went to Bera to complete the CRP posting.OMG!! I’m the station manager. Luckily, Bera won the best thematic presentation. My car also got ‘hadiah’ from wadi. After CRP end, start with 2nd medicine posting.

2nd :

Still in medicine posting wf Dr. Habibah and Dr. KT Chua. Nothing interesting happen I think. After finish the short case, start wf PCM posting.Oo…I forgot to say. My sis in India came back home for vacation. Home sweet home!!!

3rd :

Already in July. At the end of the month, I had my 3rd MBBS Professional Exam. As u all know, I failed that exam, have to do supplementary class. But that not the event I want to highlight here. After finish all posting in HTAR, before went back to UM, my family and I went to Genting. My sis beriya nk blnja hu…After finish exam,went again to Genting but this time wf my fellow friends. Mid of August, started the supplementary class and also Ramadhan. So, around mid of Sept, we celebrate Hari Raya at K.Kangsar. This yr Anum and E are not around. Both study oversea, in India and Jordan respectively. This yr, there is a funny, weird, havoc thing happened. The guests from Iraq came to my Tok Ajah’s house. Can u all imagine?? They not fluently speak English. And my family, asked me to be a translator. (Ha2….SPM dl Arab Tggi pn dpt B3. Dh r xprctice, cmne nk igt)

4th :

After Raya, 3 more weeks of clinical posting, I had my supplementary exam. Eventho I thought, I already did the best, better than the final exam, I failed again and had to repeat Klang posting. Sriously, I can’t accept it. What wrong???Went back home on the same day I knew my result, frustrated…Fortunately, thnx to all my frend who called me to give me strength, spirit. And a great thanx to both my parents. Both of them, keeps give me motivation even came and fetch me after know my emotion, mental not stable.

Ayah said:”Kuatkn smgt. Ayah ngn mak xkcewa pn.Siang mlm ayah doa. Ayah tau along dh cuba. If JPA x bg scholar, mak ngn ayah akn byr yuran smua”.

Mama said: “Sbr ye along. Ma syg along.jgn ngis dh”.

After I check back my marks eventho that Makcik Maizon ckp ikut sdp (nk je ak trajang mulut die) went to see Prof Asma, ask from her a mistake I did during exam, she really a nice doctor. She told me don’t ever give up bcoz this is not the end of your medical student life. She also wish me luck and pray for me to pass all the exam later. Thanx Prof!!! So, a week later, started again life in Klang. Actually for the 4th yr in Klang hu…Start with medicine posting and followed by surgical. Currently, 2nd week of surgical posting. And tomorrow, holiday!!!!






Friday, December 18, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Mary's father has 5 childrens:


the 5th child???

Saturday, December 12, 2009

'Bored' then Happy

hm...rini 12.12.09.igtkn hr yg sgt bosan.mmg mule2 nyer bosan pn sbb rini bsday ipah gagaga~~~


dh ckup 12thn dh.jgn nkl2.ipah ni adik ak yg bongsu tp yg plik nyer,die r yg plg bsr.sory...
memandangkn next wk nk end of posting exam,so pg2 lg kaki ku mlgkah pnuh 'bgaya' ke ward tgkt biase,sbg student yg ramah,makcik guard dpn pintu akn wish 'slmt pg doktor'.
ak pn m'bls nyer r.mmg makcik ni stiap pg ak tegur :)

kt ward,tgk case nk wt PE.juz p'hti bdak2 wt.ajar2 yg mn ak tau huhu...

blk ward,ak kuar b'jln2.yeay!!!sgt2 hepi.1st g borong choc yg ade sale murah tahap cipan.xde borong pn.bli satu je he...thn ke s.alam.mnkmati keindahn alam ciptaan Allah.t'igt lak sajak anum ms tadika dl

Suasana di tmn pd waktu pg.sgguh tenang dan nyaman.dr jauh kdengaran.....
(sajak ni r die nyer modal ms kcik2.asyik d'sruh wt p'smbhn free ms blk kuale ha2..)

errrr.....dh xigt r anum.tolg sambungkn ek ha2...
stlh pnt memerah kringat,trus g tgk wayang.adui!!!pe r nk jd ngn ak ni.exam next wk.bleh g enjoy2....nway,ade ak kesah.suke ati ak r

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Manakah pilihan anda???

undian piala dunia 2010 dh wt
Group G is d "group of death"
anda plih r pasukan anda
ak ttp optimis brazil bleh lps ngn sng group stage
knockout stage blom tntu

Monday, November 30, 2009



dh smkin tuo gaga~~~
nt prktikal wt elok2
kim slm gk kt dila :p

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Best Weekend

hr sabtu lps, 1st time ak g johor huhu...
prnh r lalu johor ms nk g sngapore thn lps tp lalu je r
ak g sne atas jmputan p'khwinan kakak kama.(thnx ek m'jmput)

plan asal g 2 kete
tp dsbbkn msg2 ade hal
1kete(zayid) xdpt g bsma
so,ak r jd HERO utk hr tu haha~~~

stlh drive lbih 3jam
slmt smpi kt umh kama kt kluang
knduri nyer sederhana tp meriah
siap dpt tapau mknn lg
mkn ms sggah kt R&R Jejantas Ayer Keroh
mknn mmg sdap (sbb pggan ak gne,bukn linda yg basuh.if die basuh,phm2 sdri r huhu...sory ek linda)

odw blk dr johor
sggah r kt melaka
mmg ak t'hibur tgk ragam kwn2 ak
smpi kt um kul 10.30mlm
trus lena tdo ps mndi
1st time xtgk live EPL match man utd!!!!
kecewa nyer~~~

hr ahad lak
g kuar lepak2,mkn2,enjoy2 :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


today got class wf consultant.semua org jd gelabah+scare
class at 9 am but the doc came early and ask d grup leader (abis kne basuh)

1st 40minutes
motivation talk as usual
improve ur knowledge, change ur attitude and sharpen ur skills
KAS-simple word hu...

How do u want to withdraw money from ATM machine?
Yes of course.use ur ATM card
but u also hv to make sure dat u save money in d bank gaga~~~
same like ur knowledge, hv to polish,improved
then u can vomit back during exam

be there in the ward at 7.30am,clerk+examination
so u can improved ur skills
u must change ur attitude
bcoz this course need a fully function PMS (not PMS in lady :)


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jangan Kedekut Memberi Ilmu

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda yang bermaksud: ”Sesiapa yang ditanya tentang ilmu lalu dia menyembunyikannya akan diikat mulutnya (meletakkan kekang di mulutnya seperti kuda) dengan kekang dari api neraka pada Hari Kiamat.”
Riwayat Abu Daud dan at-Tirmidzi

1. Islam sangat menghargai ilmu dan ulama (ilmuwan), sehingga kedudukan ilmu dan ulama sangat tinggi dan mulia dalam parameter Islam. Allah S.W.T telah berfirman: "... nescaya Allah akan meninggikan orang-orang yang beriman di antaramu dan orang-orang yang diberi ilmu pengetahuan beberapa darjat..." (Al Mujaadalah [58]:
2. Kerana kedudukan ilmu yang sedemikian tingginya, maka Islam mewajibkan umatnya untuk mempelajari ilmu, sehingga diharapkan mereka bekerja berdasarkan ilmunya, bukan sekadar mengikuti seseorang tanpa tujuan
3. Berjihad dalam ilmu maksudnya ialah bersungguh-sungguh membentuk masyarakat dari segi ilmu pengetahuan dan peradaban yang berguna serta memberikan gambaran yang betul tentangnya tanpa merasa iri hati atau tamak kerana orang yang memberikan ilmu berupa petunjuk akan dikurniakan balasan pahala dan kebaikan sama seperti orang yang mengamal ilmu tersebut.

Sumber : Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Windows 7

ak dh install Windows 7
sgt2 cntik features die
thanx r epul,qayum
bg tmpg blik + tolg aku format lptop

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time to Move On

today,i start my new life in klang officialy eventho i already here since last wednesday. wake up a bit late (thnx kamu msg pg2) kalo x mmg tlps subuh
then went to d ward for short case.erm..wanna be a hero or zero.i preferred to be a zero but sometimes i'm d hero haha~~~

around 11.30am,start d long case.erm...ACS again!!!ouch!!!prut dh blagu riang.mntk diisi.present lak case yg no sign

on d afternoon,got SPM class. CE-EBM is very #%*@.satu pe pn ak xphm.then d coordinator said" I'll like all of u (repeat student) to take d exam end course next month".dh r xblaja pape,bleh sruh amik exam.gile ke ape.ktorg snyum mnja je r gagaga~~~so skng ni,we will learn d CE-EBM during CRP which is on Feb-Mac next yr. (plik kn.exam dl,br blaja)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bahang Aidilfitri Part 2

Tempat: Bandar Mahkota Cheras

spt yg tlh di maklumkn
hr ni open house umh sairy lak
mmg meriah sgt2
xlarat nk taip pjg2
lyn je r pic

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bahang Aidilfitri Part 1

lepak kt luar umh

lahap nyer mkn

ak battle PES09 ngn aiman.sory bro,ak hbt skit dr ko

Tempat: Saujana Utama,Sg.Buloh

wpun syawal dh lme abs
ktorg stil mnymbut nyer
thnx r epul
wt open house
sok umh sairy lak

Friday, October 30, 2009

Terima Kasih Ku Ucapkan

i'm back in Klang

ku perlu ms utk kembali spt biasa

terima kasih x t'hingga ku ucapkan

kpd kwn2 yg xputus2 bg smgt

thnx bg buku La Tahzan

insyaallah ak try bc smpi abis :)

p/s:aku xtau spe yg kongsi duit rame2 utk bli buku tu.hny ucapn terima ksh mmpu ku berikan.
kama: thnx for a nice gift.snyum ak bc hehe...
najwa:thnx coz pulgkn payung gaga~~~
thnx ek aiman,adah,jas.tolg agkt brg2 ak. adah:ko jgn sdih2 ek.ko mmg kwn ak dr skol lg.pape hal
ak roger syah huhu...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Berikan Aku Kekuatan

Ya Allah
dugaan ini terlalu besar
untukku terima

Berikanlah aku kekuatan
berikanlah aku semangat
aku sgtlah lemah

Ya Allah
ak terima segala ketentuanMu
mungkin ade hikmah di sebalik semua ini

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Isnin-SPM paper
Alhamdulillah bleh je jwb
Ade gk r m'goreng jwpn

Berdebar giler b4 start
Urinary retention tpksa dilakukn
Aku xnk gi toilet
Pas abs br gi
Ade station bleh dpt full mark
Ade yg ak hrp dpt half pn jd r

Hari ini-Clinical Theory Paper
2. Dengue

2 soalan ni ak jwb ngn pnuh knfiden
tp soaln strusnyer

3. Scalded skin for 6days
4. Fever,abdominal pain,lymphadenopathy,splenomegaly

aku xde idea nk jwb 2 soalan ni
hny b'serah je

soalan 5- 2 PCM,2 O&G,1 Forensik
dpt jwb

hrp2 ak pass xm supplemnt ni
smua shbt2 yg bsmaku jg bjya


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Islam, Akhlak, Ilmu

ku xtau pe yg ign di coretkn rini tp jariku trus mnaip tnpa hnti.seolah mngalir idea tok mnulis hu..(cm J.K. Rowling lak ms diintrview cmne dpt idea wt harry potter,die jwb cm air mngalir idea yg dtg)aku xbc pn novel tu apetah lg nk gi wyg tgk si nerd+spec bsr

ku ign b'kgsi ttg isi kndungn khutbah slt jumaat smlm.bgitu lntang khatib b'kata2 tnpa teks.spotg ayt Al-Quran tlh dismpikn yg bmksud:

Pada hari ini,AKU telah sempurnakan bagimu agamamu,telah dicukupkan
kpdmu nikmatKU,dan AKU redha Islam sbg agamamu

ayat diats slalu kt dgr.ayat tu tmsuk dlm ayat2 yg mjadi pdebatan para ulama' ttg ayat trakhir Al-Quran tp ak bukn nk ckp psl tu.sjk 1430 thn yg lalu,Islam tlh pn smpurna.lgsg tiada cacat cela nyer tp knpa skng ni Islam dipndg serong.t'igt ak ms ke canselori utk b'urusan ttg episma 08.prgrm ni byk protokol nyer,so kne slalu ngn si polan.sgguh rancak die b'crita ms die student UM,wkil aspirasi.bgga giler.ktorg bgtau r yg byk mslh jd thn dgn slmbe nyer rkn krjsma ktorg yg ade title Islam dislhkn sbb xmnyumbg dlam prgrm ni.

Hello!!!spe yg xmnyumbg.jujur ak tu,p'satuan mhsiswa yg ade title Islam tu r yg tolg ktorg.ak yg tgh tnsen,rs cm bom jgka.tggu ms nk mletop.nsib baik r ade pmbntu ak.thnx ek kama(nm tipu2 haha..) die r yg jwb blk.kalo x,knfem kama tkjut ak mrh gagaga~~~jgn tkjut,si polan tu sorg MUSLIM!!!dlm dunia skng pn,Islam dikaitkan ngn kgnasan pdhl mkna Islam tu sdri adlh selamat.

Islam tu lgsg x slh.yg slh nyer adlh pnganut nyer.dgn mslh sosial nyer 1 bab yg xprnh slesai.dlm hal ni,ak xrs kt prlu slhkn spe2.kt blk kpd diri kt sdri.ak sdri pn slalu je hnyut(nsib baik pndai brenang gagaga~~~).kt prlu kmbli kpd Al-Quran dan Hadith.utk mmahami isi kndungn nyer,kt prlukn ilmu.ilmu Allah ni sgt luas.prumpaan ilmu mnusia ni hny stitik air di lautan.

Dari Abu Bakrah r.a Dari Nabi SAW,sabdanya:Jadikanlah dirimu org yg alim,
atau org yg mnuntut ilmu,atau org yg slalu mdgr ilmu,
atau org yg mcntai ilmu dan jgn engkau jd golongan ke5,
yg dgn sbb nya engkau akn binasa (Al-Bazzar)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2 bulan lepas

ms paeds posting

lbih kurg 2bulan lps
ak dh tau result 3rd mbbs exam
then strt supplemnt

skng hny mhitung hr
utk msuk ke exam hall+exam ward

rs br je bmula supplemnt
rupe nyer dh kt hujg

to all my frends yg skali ngn ak
do ur best
we can do it

to the other frends yg tgh minor posting tu
doakn utk ktorg ni

ak ngn bong

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sukan Inter-Fakulti 09

Tarikh:5-9 Okt 09

first time ade sukan inter-fac
tba2 je ade
so mmg xprepare r
byk fac xde wakil
tp yg kagum nyer
fac medik hntr wakil dlm smua acra
ak join bdminton bpasukan
jd r dpt no. 3

Result:(stkt yg ak tau r)

Bola sepak (L)-ke2
Badminton (L)-ke3
Badminton (P)-ke2
Tarik tali (L)-Johan
Futsal (L)-klh semi final
Futsal (P)-ke2
Bola tampar (L)-ke2

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Dari kiri:ameer,if,saadah,ain,sue,syuhadah,aidah,aku

Tempat: Tmn Tasik Titiwangsa
Aktiviti: borak2 aje

stlh hmpir 5thn tgglkn skol
rini 1st time kmpul blk ngn kwn2 skls
wlpun hny 8 org yg mmpu mhdirkan diri
ckup utk mgamatkn suasana pg yg hening+
suam2 kuku dek ujan yg trun huhu...

hrp dis reunion not d last ek
nxt wk kt gi srg umh cikgu hamzani
kpd kwn2 ln (yg x di ovrsea r)
hrp dpt join nxt wk (ahad,11 okt 09)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Jiwa Muslim Sejati

Ya Allah
jadikanlah aku alat kasihMu

Di mana ada benci-
biarkan aku menebarkan cinta,

Di mana ada hati-hati terluka-
biarkan aku menjadi seorang penghibur

Di mana ada keraguan-
biarkan aku menebarkan keyakinan

Di mana ada putus asa-
biarkan aku mencetuskan harapan

Di mana ada kesedihan-
biarkan aku berkongsi bahagia

Di mana ada kegelapan-
biarkan aku memberi cahaya

Pelik tp Benar

EOP surgery cancel
sbb nyer
doc lupe wt skln xm

b4 gi xm
ak sje je ckp
xde skln
doc lupe nk wt

gi dept
akak kt c2
muke blur2
thn ckp
"akak rs doktor x wt skln"

masin nyer mulut ak (ak xgne ubt gigi hyden salt)
ptt nyer korg (farah,jas)
ckp trima ksh kt ak
xm postponed
bleh stdy lg :p

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Kejadian: dpt good luck card
Ucapan: thanx a lots ek.doakn kjyaan ktorg

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to UM

rini blk UM
slmt hghway x jem
drive pn sng ht
smpi kl ujan lbt
brg byk nk agkt
akhir nyer bjya gk yeah!!!

blk blik kms brg
kne btukg lg
siap gk ak ubah susun atur blik
new table,tikar

sok strt kls cm biase

Saturday, September 26, 2009

2nd day Syawal

rini byk duk lepak umh tok ajah
xde ke mn sgt
juz wktu mlm gi umh mak jang gie

d sbbkn rs bosan yg melampau
ami@mahaguru cinta tlh suggest wt league PS
jd dnamakn piala H1N1 (sengal nyer ami,ade lmbg b**i lg)
ak yg xpndi sgt main PS
join je
nk ckupkn korum

ade 8 psrta je
main klh mati
1st game lwn nabil (adik spupu)
ak mng nsib 1-0
xkre r
mng gk haha..

thn semi lwn adik ak,ariz
hu..mng 1-0 gk
mmg rzki ak

final lwn firdaus@os
ak agk ak kne blasah
tp d best man win ak mng
sory r os
'terbelasah' smpi 5-1 lak

Friday, September 25, 2009

An hour before berbuka 29 Ramadhan 1430H

ble dh rame yg bkumpul kt umh tok ajah
cm biase
diadakn mjls bacaan yasin & tahlil
di sbbkan 'ustaz' sobri mlanjutkan pljran ke jordan
bpk 'ustaz' jd khalifah hu...

after mjamah kuih+mnum air skit
slt jemaah mgrb
thn br r mlantak spuas2 nyer

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1st day of Syawal 1430H

sesi mkn kt luar umh

my family

tetamu IRAQ

akhir nyer kt brya
ak brya kt k.kgsr (kmpg mak)
smua adik bradik mak brya kt sne
mmg havoc abs r

1st day cm biase r
bgn kne awl
nt kne Q nk mndi hu..
ye r
dh 50 org duk dlm 1banglo
toilet lak ade 2je

thn gi smyg ry
smyg msjid br
msjd klj islam drl rdzuan

khutbah smyg ry mnarik minatku
mngenai sirah rasulullah
pristiwa2 bsr yg blaku dlm bulan rmdhan
spt prg badar,fathul mekah

khatib byk bbicara ttg fathul mekah
ye r
org islam mnawan smula kota mekah
tnpa ditentang

aftr slt
tjdi r bnda blom prnh jd kt umh tok ajah
dtg r ttamu yg x dsgka2 (slalu xde orh brani dtg except sdra mara sbb tkut ngn bilangn org dlm umh hu...)

ttamu dr IRAQ
dtg 1 family
xkn r ak kne jd translator
bhs arab pn dh xigt haha...
dorg br je dtg mlysia dlm 3bulan
si suami lecturer kt klj islam

kmdian nyer
cm biase r
acara tradisi
bslm2 ngn sdara mara
ms ni
drama air mata dpt disaksikan

ptg nyer lak
btolak ke chemor (kmpg ayah)
cm biase r
suasana mmg bbeza
cni sunyi je
sdara mara pn ssh nk kmpul rame2

sblh mlm nyer lak
pe lg
MAN UTD VS MAN CITYtpacak dpn tv
d best team stil d winner hu...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Syawal menjelma

ak slmt smpi kt umh kul5 pg td
slps mharungi pjlanan slama 4jam 15min
gile r
jln jem cm sardin (sardin sdp r,jem xbest)

bbekalkan chewing gum(kunyah dr kl til ipoh)
plus sbotol air
ak bjya mharungi lautan kete+bas+moto
smua skil drive ak gune
dr mnyelit+mmecut

kalo jenson button tgk ak drve
sure die ajak ak join brawn gp(no!!i'm a die hard fan of ferrari)

lg2 for singapore gp
wktu mlm kn
mmg ak pro r drve wktu mlm haha...

di ksmptn ni
ak ucapkan

kpda pmbaca blog ak (ade ke org bc???xpe2 anum bc kn :p)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Balik raya

hrp2 highway x jem.ak nk cpt smpi

rini last day kls
br abs smggu surgical posting
ade lg smggu pas cuti raya ni

xtau nk btolak blk kmpg ble
plan nk blk tgh mlm nt
tp apis ckp jln jem truk
aduh!!!rame gk org tgh2 mlm
pulun nk diskaun tol r ni

hrp2 ak dpt enjoy cuti raya ni
dlm kpala ak
exam ttp my first priority

dlm cuti pn
kne blk stdy
ak nk bjya
nk bsama kwn2 di 4th yr
kwn2 ku yg sdg melalui "posting tmbhan slama 2 buln ni"
akn sma2 lulus

p/s:ni dh entry ke-50.fuiyoo!!!dh half century *clap3
phewit!!!!!xsgka haha...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

IHRAM 2009

pintu gerbang klasik dwn mkn

ak ngn topaz

mjls khatam quran(nk lemang,amik kt tepi tu)

hdangn bbuka

dak2 table VIP

smlm scara rasmi nyer
Ihya' Ramadhan 09 mlabuhkan tirai (xde pn mjls angkt tirai,tau2 dh labuh)
bg ak,xnmpk sgt xtvt yg djlnkn
mgkin sbb xdpt smbutan+ade batch yg cuti

smlm ade mjls bkk pose rame2 r
nsib baik rame dtg
ms tnc HEP dtg ritu
lgsg xde org dtg hu...
nsib spe sruh wt hr jum+ms bdak2 1st,2nd yr cuti
if dorg ade,bleh r gk dorg jd 'pak turut'

xtau nk mrepek pe dh
yg pntg smlm bkk kt 'meja' VIP
sbnr nyer mkn dduk kt lntai je
ktorg dtg agk awl,dduk kt blkg skali
tp ade adik 1st yr,mntk ktorg duk tmpt VIP
ktorg ikut je r
bak kt aidy,"kite bkl JTK thn dpn.sbb tu kne dduk dpn"
mmg x r jd JTK (jwtnksa tndakan kolej)
aidy nk jd pngrusi balai islam (surau)
jgn btukar jd balai raya dh r hu...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


mlm td ak gi lepak ngn member skol (kisas)
ade r 2jam duk bborak
yg sorg tu juz skol kt kisas stgh thn
tp ktorg stil contact
dh jd pilot skng
tabik spring r syafik hu..

lg 2 org member dak medik oversea
sorg ngn jordan,sorg lg kt ireland
munir ak knal dr izuddin lg
thn sma2 gi kisas

mirul@tom (tknl kt skol sbb kepala nyer yg bsr)
hebat org nyer
slmt xjd mat salleh lg hu...

pape pn
mlm td mmg best r
wlpun 4 org je

Monday, September 14, 2009

Nujum Pak Belalang

Dzul mendapat ramalan Ahli Nujum.

Dzul mendapat ramalan Ahli Nujum dan ramalan itu berbunyi:

Kau akan diminati ramai gadis-gadis..tahniah...teruskan gaya hidup kau yang cool itu....

p/s:haha...bengong gile ahli nujum ni


hr ni start surgical posting
juz for 2 weeks
Dr. Law sgt2 bz
erm..kls pn jarg r gamak nyer

ptg td wrd round
join gp final year
antra ktorg ngn dorg xde beza sgt
juz dorg smpi management

hopefully,I'll learn something during dis short posting :)

p/s:nk siap2 bbuka kt luar bsma tmn2 kaki bdminton haha...